Who we are

It can be a really tough decision to decide on which wooden furniture you should buy that is tough and will be durable. However, just concentrating on the shine of wood that you want, the pattern or the budget can lead to a disaster. Most wooden furniture brought with these points in mind tend to last only for a year or two making you realise that it was a bad buy.

Buying a quality wooden furniture means, that you need to make a decision that is not impulsive. We help you buy the good quality stuff keeping in mind what your needs are and without complicating your purchase. Our wooden furniture is made of quality frames and the material is strong that will last long. We also make it a point to not sell you stuff that is not of good value.

We understand that when buying wooden furniture the joint construction is of utmost importance. Out furniture is not held together with nails or staples that make them shoddy. Our furniture is also not glued. We use dowels that are the wooden pegs that are slotted in the two opposite holes that serve the purpose and make the furniture strong. We provide dovetail joints or mortiose- and –tenon joints. We also ensure that the corners are reinforced lock that is attached at an angle.

Knowing about wooden furniture is much more than what it looks on the outside. One needs to know about the wood to be able to buy the best wooden furniture and not be cheated. We offer wooden furniture that is resistant to scratch and we also let you be sure of the same by letting you draw a line with your fingernail. You will not be able to notice any visible dent which makes you sure that our wooden furniture will stand up for long.